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January stats.

Bleh. So january is over.. quick recap of the month:

Having fun in Florida. Got to play Katamari Damacy.
Finding out that Odessa disappeared Dec. 30th. Not fun.
Getting an ear infection. Not fun.
Going back home - not particularly fun

Odessa's absence depresses me. I play Daggerfall more.
I go back to work. Nothing much of interest happens there..
Except I get my boss's son's old motherboard and CPU, and some money.
I buy a new case, harddrive and mouse, and build Matsuri.

I register my domain.

62 entries posted in January, five locked. One for being a photo of me, two for being photos of my room, one for having my IP address in it, and one for being too whiny.

I'm going to be late for work again. I don't think anyone cares.
Finished January's Book of the Month while bored at work yesterday. Going to start this month's today most likely.

Okay, heading out to work now. I'll be there for lunch, heh.

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