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[Tea] at work again

Slow day? If it can even be called that. . I think it's standing still, personally. Have not seen my boss yet, but the door to her office is open. I'm just avoiding making it obvious that I have nothing to do, because I quite enjoy being able to relax and just drink tea.
Am on my second mug of Lipton Tchaé Oriental, loose leaf version, which I got the last time I was in Sweden for a tea run.

A lot of Norwegians, especially those of us who are lucky enough to live reasonably close to the border, take these day trips to Sweden to buy stuff cheaper than back home. Alcohol, meat, tobacco and sugar-based stuff, mostly. I go for the tea these days. I don't eat much in the way of meat, but I usually pick up lots of frozen chicken.. when it costs less than half of what it would here, it's always a good idea to stock up.. But the main attraction to me is definitely the tea. It's disgraceful how hard it is to get loose leaf tea in Norway without going to a specialty store.

While I was happy to see my favorites in loose leaf form, the absence of Lipton Green Tea & Peach and Jasmine Green Tea alarmed me.. I wanted to get more of those. I wonder if the Tchaé series replaced them.

Too bad there's only one person on my friends list who could possibly answer that, and she's probably not reading this.

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