Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

More kitty goodness..

After my recent discovery of kittenbreak (daily cat pic, always lj-cut) on croaky's friendspage, I've joined a few more kitty-related communities.

From the profile of a random person in mock_the_stupid, I found kitty_lovin and kittypix yesterday.

kittypix is high volume, usually 20 to 30 posts per day.

Then I found tortielove.. wow. A community dedicated to tortoiseshell cats.

Planning to visit Foreningen for Omplassering av Dyr (FOD) after work today - got instructions on how to get there printed out. They're the only animal shelter I know of (haven't been there before), and while I don't think they have Odessa, I have to go look, and also ask them if they have equipment for scanning microchips.. and to give them a missing poster so they will know her if someone hands her over to them. Haven't been able to get to a color printer yet, so black and white will just have to do.

And my IP changed last night, so a locked post will follow this one with FTP login details.

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