Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Completely alone at work today..

I'd leave early, but FOD doesn't open until 18:00, so I'll be early even if I wait until 16:00 to leave work.

I wonder.. the directions gave me said that it'd take 30 minutes by public transportation to get there, and FOD's website say they are a 15-minute walk from the nearest bus stop.

Could I.. walk? All the way there? I'm tempted to try.

Am still going to wait longer before departing, and researching the route.

Kind of wish I had a memory card reader here at work.. Got a few more photos of magpies on the way to work, but can't tell if they turned out any good until I get to see them full size. Maybe I should read my camera's manual to see if it has a function to zoom on the picture to view it in full size, like my dad's camera does. But doubt it.. I've explored the options pretty thoroughly, and seen no indication of such a feature.

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