Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

wheee|back home

Very, very tired.
And jan is here, with one guest, playing loud music and smoking in the house too. Probably pot, it doesn't stink as much as regular tobacco does.

But Katamari Damacy arrived today. That's a great thing.

Anyway, after work I first stopped by a post office to mail off cards to kimivalkyrie, naiad_kitty and madamemonday. Hopefully more cards will be written later.

I visited FOD and got to meet lots of nice kitties - and verified that they do have equipment to scan microchips, and they do that to all incoming cats, so if they got ahold of Odessa I would be notified pretty soon. Got info of other places and websites to check out.

I need a spy camera. If I went downstairs with my digicam to secure proof, they'd know it. Considering getting up early tomorrow, while jan will still be a zombie, to get some blackmail material.
Blackmail? Nah, I'm not going to blackmail him. I'll show the pictures to his mom if they are incriminating enough, no matter how much he'd offer me not to. Because I know I wouldn't get the money anyway.. he's been thrown out of more than one place he's been living for not paying the rent, which is why he returns to his mom's house every so often.

Anyway.. Finally, I have tea. Am going to enjoy it together with some anime.

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