Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Who'd have thought it?

Kumo no mukou, yakusoku no basho is out on DVD on February 17th of this year. Yeah, the one that has been "coming soon" since late 2002.

Urge to pre-order.. broke.. bah. Plus it costs over 200 NOK so I'd have to pay import taxes on it. But I want to see that movie, and I want to own it on DVD instead of downloading five different fansubs to figure out which has the best translation.

And I want to hear Inoue Kazuhiko's voice again. ::swoons::

I need a Katamari Damacy icon.. I visited my aniki, played Katamari Damacy for a while, my dad came with the posters, and forced us to watch video he had recorded on his recent vacation to Thailand.. I totally lost interest after about half an hour and started reading my book until I got to continue the game.

After several attempts, I finished Make a Star 6, which is the level I was stuck on when I played the game in the US.
Considering buying a US PS2. They are supposedly not much costlier than the local variety, and the power adapter isn't that expensive either.

Having an american console would let me play KD (not released in Europe), Suikoden III (ditto) and Final Fantasy Tactics (yep, also not released here).. And Suikoden IV too, I guess.

I'm seriously considering it. But I think a network switch, possibly also the much longed for 17" LCD screen will take priority.

Now I sleep try to sleep.

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