Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

interview meme redux

I did the interview meme a while ago, am still backlogged on asking people questions, but will get around to it. Here are the questions kimivalkyrie asked back to me.

1) Ever think of dyeing your hair another color?
I've never seriously considered it - did at one point want to dye it green because I adore the color, but couldn't find the dye. Would still like to have green hair, I think.
I wouldn't know what to do though.. - I'm twenty-five and I've never dyed my hair. I'd like to try some time, but there's nothing wrong with my natural color. So it's either green, some other unnatural color, or nothing. I don't think I'd ever dye to cover gray hairs if I started getting them.

2) If a cat just wandered into your room and started lounging around, what would you do?
First of all, take out my camera and start taking pictures. >_>
I'd pet her/him and give her food, check for an ear tattoo.. If the kitty was starved, I'd assume she was missing and try to find the owner. Much as I'd love to adopt a cat.. I'm only allowed to have one, and Odessa may still return.

This has happened before, though.. but none of them appeared to be in any way distressed or lost, so I just petted them a bit, gave them a bit of food, and watched them leave again. I've only had one visitor since I got my camera.

3) If you would have two of the Tokubetsu Jounin come and visit you for one day, who would it be?
Two? Dear gods, woman, I wouldn't know what to do with just one. Hayate of course.. and Shizune, assuming she's a tokubetsu jounin. Can't wait for the second character data book to find out. I'd be happy with any one, really.. I love them all.

4) Where did your username kriatyrr come from?
It came out of a random name generator on the Amiga, coded in AMOS by some Finnish guy. I wrote the syllables file used, so I can at least take partial credit for the program putting together Kri, at and yrr. This was back in March of 1997, I think.

5) Quick - there's a ball rolling around on the floor. Describe the ball to me.
It's a katamari! There's a lot of small objects such as dustbunnies, small pieces of paper, computer screws and whatever is on my floor stuck to it, and there's a cute little 5-centimeter green guy rolling it around. Oh no! he's heading towards one of my favorite dice!

6) What is your favourite instrument, and why?
Piano, I just love the sound of it. I don't know how to play it, but then again I don't know any other instruments either. I'm fond of flutes too, for the same reason.

And so ends another day at work, where nothing in particular happened. Going home, just half an hour early. Tired. Eight days until I have money again.

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