Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Misleading headlines.

According to the news, Norway was cut off from the rest of the internet last night.

I didn't notice anything. Further reading reveals it was just most of Norway, or at least all customers of the largest ISP (my ex-ISP). Oh, and it was their own fault. At least they admitted it in the end, but they assumed it wasn't at first, which delayed the solution.

I wouldn't go so far as to call Telenor "the AOL of Norway" because they're not quite that moronic, and not quite that EVIL! (but still very evil).. More like the bellsouth of Norway, only with machines replacing the stupid tech support. >_>

I'm feeling almost okay now. Such is the power of Tea and good music. My current playlist consists of Kumo no mukou, yakusoku no basho OST, Utada Hikaru's Deep River, Straylight Run, and the Kelsie soundtrack ♥.

It's been raining, so the snow is gone again. A break in the clouds, and just before I got to work, direct sunlight poured over my face. Lovingly warm and blinding. I've missed it.

Six days until I have money again. All I can do is survive until the time comes that I can live again.
Oh yeah, and Jan told me last night that Harriet is returning TODAY! Am very happy about this.

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