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I don't care much for maddox, but he nailed this one rather accurately..

Though I suppose the timing is a bit off, I haven't seen any truly annoying memes floating around in my neighborhood in quite some time.

Harriet (my landlady) is back, although she just left again to see the grandkids and will be back for real tomorrow. Anyway, I got to say welcome home and tell her about my situation.

Got a phone call from a lady who had seen the missing poster. She hadn't seen the kitty, but gave me some advice that could turn out useful. According to her, Aftenposten (major newspaper, especially in Oslo and surrounding areas) lets one place missing cat ads for free. I poked around their website for a while, but didn't find anything. Will call and inquire tomorrow.

Even if it costs money, I think I'll place an ad anyway, if I can afford to. The only thing I can do to increase the chances of getting Odessa back is to make as many people as possible aware of the situation.

The cafeteria at work is back to being closed on Fridays, so I just brewed up a pot of vanilla black tea, bottled and put it in the fridge. Had some Lung Ching with Rooibush cream on my way to work this morning, and felt a bit nauseous, probably because I didn't eat breakfast. Got my regular börek on the way to work, but other than that and all the tea, didn't eat until after work, and even then, sparingly. Am hungry, but don't have much of an appetite. Or food, for that matter.

And just threw together a new icon now. Self photo on my way home from work today - I wanted to see what I looked like in the evening sun. The text reads "doko made mo" and doesn't yield a clear translation, but the spirit of it is "however far it takes" - I'm hanging in here, not giving up.

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