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Haha, over 24 hours and no update.

Haven't really had much to write about, other than Odessa.

She's a lot calmer than before, spends a lot of time just resting, doesn't disappear for hours like she used to.. In fact, she's only gone outside for toiletry reasons, I believe. I don't have a litterbox here, since she stopped using it after she was allowed free access to the outdoors (as soon as she had recovered from her spaying). She prefers to go outdoors, a fact I am immensely grateful for.. I hated cleaning the litterbox. :P

She doesn't meow as much as she used to, but she still does it occasionally, so I'm not worried. She's probably just realizing how lucky she is to have a home, having had her fill of outdoor adventure for a while. Haven't seen her play with her toys yet, nor has she been chewing on the leaves of the roses I bought her yesterday.

And me, I'm doing the usual. Reading LJ, watching anime, fighting the battle for free space and doing the minimum required household chores. Spending a lot of time with Odessa, of course.

Also downloaded a bunch of fonts with Japanese characters yesterday.. Should be useful in my iconage.. Gotten a bit tired of only having MS Gothic and MS Mincho.

30 gig free. If I can just get it to 35 I can defrag again.

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