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Again, twenty-four hours since the last update.

Finished the animated sparkles on the Oooh, shiny! icon.. not satisfied with the result. Not going to bother to re-do it again.

I registered mIRC this morning. I've wanted to do that for years. XD

Tea, tea, tea.. Got some stuff I had ran out of, some stuff I'm about to run out of, a decaffeinated white tea, and loose leaf white tea (on Saturday). And forgot to bring the teabag ones to work today. But I did bring my new kitty tea mug, green on the inside and picture of a tabby on the outside. I guess I should bring the software CD that came with the camera to work some time so I can get images off the camera while here.. I'm not dragging my memory card reader between work and home, and I can't afford to buy a second one. Will try to remember to edit this entry to include an image when I get back home.

Odessa is still very passive. Am dropping by a pet store on the way home to buy one of those expensive toy mice that drive her crazy. Maybe that will get her out of her funk. Also need to pick out some new food and water bowls, old ones went missing at mom's house.

And all in the world is good, because I am with her. All my troubles seem so trivial now. She and I are both not-very-social, and that is okay, as long as we have each other.

Two days until I get paid.

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