Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Just annoyances.. nothing major.

jan is here, which sucks. We haven't exchanged a single word. No murdering glances either. Just like I had guessed.

For some reason we no longer have hot water. If this persists I am going to take tomorrow off work on account of not having had a shower since Tuesday morning.

I had this freaky dream tonight.. Everyone kept talking about the fact that Hayate had returned, but no one would let me see him. I don't even remember if there were any other Naruto characters in the dream.. but there were some Konoha ninja anyway. Generics.

This was after I woke up sometime past four and read that Naruto had been licensed, but couldn't find a reliable news link. Connection? You bet..

Did find links to the press release once I properly got up, and, well.. I can't really say that it changes much. Some subbers will drop the series, some will go underground, vulture groups will try to get a name for themselves picking up a big name where others left it off. It's nothing new.
And I think we should stop acting like something has been stolen from us. We didn't have a right to watch the show translated in the first place. I don't know all that much about copyright law, especially when it's international.. but the raws that are recordings of the show as aired on TV? They're not 100% legal, are they?

Maa.. it doesn't change anything for me, at least. It's only a North America + Latin America licensing. It's still unlicensed in Europe. Even if everyone stopped subbing it (which ain't going to happen), I'd still happily watch the raws.

Time to shuffle off to work.

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