Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Retail therapy! ^_^

After my extra-long walk to work this morning, you'd think I just wanted to go home and sleep.. but no. First, I stopped by Pandabutikken to tell Tina that Odessa had come back. Then I went out looking for stuff I needed.. particularly pants and/or water boiler.

I walked all the way downtown, and came across an immigrant store I have been shopping at occasionally for years.. got two plantains and a chunk of pumpkin. ^_^

Then I had a kebab. Mmmm, junk food.

Then the hunt for pants began - didn't find anything either in my preferred price range or that I really liked in the first store I tried, but got one matching both criteria in the second. Pictures will be posted tomorrow, most likely.

Then walking through a mall, I saw really cheap, good-looking pants.. but they seemed to only have them in sizes anorexic to slim. Bah to them. Browsing a few more stores in the same mall, I found proclamations of SALE! and pants that cost about twice of what the pair I got did. Even some for over 1000,- ::rolls eyes:: Disgusted, I gave up on looking for a second pair of pants. The ones I got were the last they had of my size.. but they'd have to be a little bit cheaper for me to justify buying two.

I didn't find a water boiler. It was getting late, and the one place within range that I was sure had to have one was already closed.

Walking through Byporten, I saw something I had never seen in Norway before. EBGames! I got Munchkin (the card game) and Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition for PC, for just 129,-.. that'll be Sigmund's belated birthday present. Already called him to tell him, and he was nearly ecstatic. XD

Not because I was tired, but more because it was dark and running late, I took the subway home. Having finished my book at work today, I played FFTA. ^_^

When I came home, Odessa was resting on my bed, and the ventilation hatch wasn't opened.. either she learned to push it shut after coming back in, or she hasn't been outside since this morning.

I think I have a blister on my feet from excessive walking. I guess it can't be a perfect day.
Edit: forgot to mention, we have hot water again too.

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