Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

It's been a good weekend.

Although we were unsuccessful in contacting Aniki so we could visit him and play Katamari Damacy, Sigmund and I had a good time together this weekend.

But nothing to write about much. We've watched anime, several episodes of Smallville, visited Johan to watch movies and enjoy good food, and just generally just chilling out. It's been awesome.

Despite having Sigmund here (which means more downloading, usually), I managed to get my free space just high enough to defragment my largest drive. It's still going at it. I think it's been a couple of hours, so far.

10 days until I have money again. Then I'll get that gigabit switch, if it's in stock and the price hasn't increased again, and I shall have access to the 80GB drive on Matsuri.

And it's back to work again tomorrow.. and the cafeteria is closed.
Is it a bad sign when the only incentive I have to go to work is to drink tea?

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