Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

My, Earth is really full of things!

I still need a katamari icon.

Just as I got my freespace high enough to defragment, there's new stuff to download.. Episode 13 of Yakitate!! Japan is out, and three new episodes of Take My Word for it since last I checked.. of course the first two of those aren't seeded anymore.. But if a seed doesn't appear within a few days, I know where to go to ask for one.

niichan: saving yakitate directly to the FTP. IP hasn't changed since this entry. It should be finished before you wake up anyway. Latest Naruto too.

I'm torrenting other stuff, so it might be slow.

And I shuffle off for a tealess day at work. >_<
Nine days until I have money again..

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