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Because I like making snarky comments at memes

You Know You're Addicted to LiveJournal When...

If you can't access the site, you have a minor freak out - and a major case of hitting reload. yes

You found yourself composing journal entries during dates, movies, even sex! would probably if I ever did those things..

When you're out, you suddenly think of a witty reply to a comment somebody made to you... several days ago. oh yes

You actually call it LJ and not Livejournal. Check. yes

You've downloaded some sort of LJ program which has only the purpose of making entries easier to write without going on the site manually. er, yes. SeMagic

You consider it a great offense if someone deletes you off their friend's list. err.. I guess, if that was the intent. But recently I've been maturing a lot when it comes to friends politics. I realize that what I write may not be of interest to everyone

The first thing you do every day when you go online is check your friends journals - even before checking your email. no - I generally check my email first, because that's where all the LJ reply notifications are.

You actually paid money for a few extra pictures with a full account when you could actually just alternate pics when you want to for your screen icons. Oh pu-leeze. And have to edit all my old entries to update which icon they use? I don't think so. Need extra icon space.

When your friends ask what's new, you get mad at them because you already wrote it in your LJ and they didn't check it yet. annoyed, but yes

You have put more time into LJ than all your assignments for the semester. not applicable as I am not a student, but if I was, then probably yes

You have more friends on LJ than in real life. . . .my LJ friends aren't less real. But they outnumber the people I hang out with offline by far, yes.

You've met at laest 50% of your LJ friends. no, only three. One is my sister, and the other two I've known before they came to LJ.. one of them I even met before he created his LJ. So there.

You can't seem to call your friends by their real names - only LJ names will do. nope. I tend to give nicknames to people, or use their real names if I like them (the names, not the people)

You've fallen in love with someone you met on LJ. no. I may have become *infatuated* with someone here, but I have my wits about me. I don't fall.

You have posted about a party or get together on your LJ... and random strangers showed up. nope

You are guilty of traveling more than an hour to meet someone with LiveJournal. (Extra points for traveling five hours or more) not yet, but it is likely to happen in the future

You've written a protected entry about one of your LiveJournal friends. (Extra points if they eventually found out about it) no.

You have written posts to notify people you're going to sleep. Yeah, I guess. I try to add more content than "I am going to sleep now" though.

You talk about your LJ friends to your real life friends all the time... like they're a part of your group. Of course. They're my friends. AND STOP TRYING TO INSINUATE THAT MY LJ FRIENDS ARE LESS REAL!

You've created a LJ community, and people actually post in it. no. Have a community, but it's dead, which is the natural state of an LJ comm about an IRC channel.

You've been recognized in real live by a fellow LJ'er. not that I know of

You have friended someone because of their LiveJournal icon. no.

You have "pity friends" on your list, who you would defriend if you could. "If I could"? Nothing is stopping me from defriending a boring journal.

You've pimped one of your friends on journal, trying to get people to friend him / her. Not just one.. I make posts introducing each of my friends, not with the intent of getting them to friend each other, but to encourage conversation. In my LJ, because I'm secretly a commentwhore.

Instead of doing research, you post difficult questions on your LiveJournal. If I have reason to believe my readers will be able to answer, yes. Otherwise there's google.

Your pets all have their own LiveJournals. no. No pet journals, no RP journals

You know, right now, how many people have friended you (without peeking). yes. Hasn't changed for weeeeeks.

You've stopped being friends with someone in real life because of something they've said on LJ. ONLINE DOES NOT EQUAL LESS REAL DAMMIT! - and no.

You're guilty of posting sexy or nude pictures to get more people to friend you. no. Not that desperate.

You have consoled yourself after a horrible day thinking "At least this will make a great LJ post" YES

You're jealous of people who have more friends and / or comments than you. There's a slight instinctual comment envy, but I don't care about the quantity of people - just the quality.

You have written a really great, solid post - only to be disappointed by the lack of good comments. yes

You're guilty of commenting excessively to get more traffic to your journal. no. But I am very pleased when someone visits my journal because I commented elsewhere.

You've deleted a post a few minutes (or hours) after you've written it, because it seemed lame in retro spect. not that I can remember.

You give shout outs to all your LJ friends on their birthdays. usually, if I remember.

You have an additional, secret journal that hardly anyone knows about. yes

You've broken up with someone - or ended a friendship - soley via LiveJournal. no. Jeez, talk about tacky.. that's what e-mail is for.

You have gotten mean anonymous comments (bonus points for figuring out who it was via their IP) not so much mean as creepy. long time ago

You've been reported (or reported someone) to LJ Abuse. no

You've been featured on LJ Drama. no

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are LJ addicts. duh

about 17 out of 41. Doesn't sound very addicted to me.. Also, half of it seemed to be "unhealthy behaviour rampant on LJ" rather than an actual addiction. As usual, blogthings falls short of what a good quiz or meme can be.

My room was not as cold as I had feared when I came back.. The Lady Odessa must have only recently went out. She was, of course, resting in my bed when I opened the door. Then she went outside and puked. EWWWWW. Steaming pile of half-digested cat food. But no signs of parasites, at least. Maybe she just over-ate or something.

In more positive news, she is showing an interest in playing with toy mice again.

rekenner just linked to this news article in #asr. It still sends me into gigglefits.

And while on my way to work this morning, I randomly remembered a game I enjoyed a lot on the Amiga. It was either freeware or shareware, made by some Finnish guy whose name I of course can't remember, because they have weird names so that even I could know that he couldn't be of any other nationality.

The game was simply titled "Knights" and was a two-player bird's eye view dungeon crawl, featuring multiple different weapons, vampire bats and zombies, treasures, traps, and several scenarios with different solutions. I loved that game, and I have an urge to dig through my stuff in the attic and retrieve my old A1200.. But I may not find the disk. Might not be on my hard drive. And I don't have the space in my room for yet another computer.

I just randomly remembered the game. I think of the strangest, most illogical things while out walking.

Oh pancakes, it's bedtime already. I wanted to do more stuff today... like having dinner. Ah well, I guess I'm staying up late tonight.

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