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Tea and insomnia.

So yeah.. Although I went to bed at midnight, it'd be a full two and a half hours later before I actually got some sleep. And I woke up at five something and haven't slept since, although a lot of the time was spent in bed trying to sleep.

Am going to be late, but I'll still be going to work today.

Aniki is going to Sweden this weekend, so there'll be no rolling of Katamari this time, but next weekend looks promising. Must remember to ask him to pick up some tea for me.

I found this lovely set of tea icons here, after seeing someone using one of them. I love people who credit in their icon comments.. makes it easy to find the source.

Six days until I have money again. Will have to conserve what little I have so I can pay the import fee on Kumo no mukou in case it arrives before next Wednesday, which is likely. Still no sign of a fansub of it. Starting to hope I get it first.

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