Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Stupid.. thing.


I'm annoyed at the tons of sites grabbing recent LJ images.. I'm not sure just how much, but they account for a sizable chunk of my bandwidth used..

So I tried to enable hotlink protection, allowing livejournal of course.

But it doesn't allow wildcards, so the images would only load if the viewer is reading from instead of (their username)

It doesn't seem to have an option to block specific sites. Unless the IP deny manager does that.. I'd prefer to just block each offender as it appears on my referrers.

A fair solution is to put every image I post behind a cut; once it's clicked, the user is on a www page.
Another solution is to lock any post where I post an image, unlocking it later, once it's out of the age range these sites target. Bothersome.

Anyway, turning it off for now. My bandwidth usage so far this month has been 178 megs, my limit is 50000 MB. I'm not exactly worried. =P

Starting to feel the effects of sleep deprivation now. Wish it was friday. Going to take public transportation home. No way I'm walking for an hour and a half in this condition.

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