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Tired. More tired than I should be.

Okay, so I only had a minimal breakfast this morning. And being extremely broke, I didn't have lunch. Broke into my emergency chocolate stash at work, as well as using sugar in my tea. Total of four sugar cubes and 100g dark chocolate - not happy about that, but didn't exactly have anything else to eat. Except a box of prunes. Am not touching that stuff again unless I take just a couple of them and have lots of other food on the side. I snacked half the box one day at work, and when I got back home I spent the better part of half an hour on the toilet. Mean stuff, prunes. Deceptively delicious. Chocolate is far more trustworthy.

I felt so tired and weak on my way home, I stopped by a grocery store for one of those small bread things with sesame seeds.

And kept on going all the way back home, considering giving in and taking public transportation several times. Telling myself that having gone this far, it'd be a waste to use it for such a short distance. Rather proud of myself for enduring it.

Read several chapters in the current book I'm on while at work - alternating a chapter and a battle in FFTA. But I'm obviously not finishing it this month, seeing as there are only about three hours left, and I have the last third of the book unread. But that's okay, since it's the second book I'm reading this month. My new year's resolution is being kept so far.

Anyway, I am thinking my lack of energy is a result of my diet.. I'm no nutritionist, but I think I eat fairly healthy. Still, I probably need some sort of supplement.. vitamins, iron, ginseng, whatever.

So, question time: Do you take any dietary supplements? Which ones? Do you notice any difference?

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