Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Meh, I knew it was going to happen..

I still haven't gotten my DVD (expecting it any day now), and Kumo no mukou, yakusoku no basho is out fansubbed.

Payday tomorrow! And I'll be broke again rather soon, I bet.. Have been lusting after that gigabit switch for enough months now. And want to help out wiseheron as much as I can. You can read about her situation in her userinfo and journal. I only casually know her from childfree and my friends of friends page, but this is exactly the kind of thing I do. I help where I can, when I can.. which is tomorrow.

And I'm just about out of cat food.. so, it'll be a pretty lean food budget for me the next fortnight, but not any tighter than the last week, and if it comes down to it, the gigabit switch can wait..

And it's getting dark already. I feel like the whole day was wasted on going to work, doing nothing work-related there at all, and walking back home. But I made some progress in both my book and FFTA, and had two mugs of tea. It's just that... I could have done all of that at home.

Oh yeah, something good did come out of it.. I met that kitty again, and took more pictures. Might post to kittypix later tonight.

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