Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

And if I feel bored at work, I can just organize my tea collection into Black and Green.

At work, nothing much to do, not exactly bored.

and now the tracking page is updated, saying the package has arrived at my local post office. At 7:44, over two hours before I last checked and it hadn't updated. I could have picked it up before going to work.

And  the cafeteria is open today. Someone must be renting  a room for holding classes or something here, because it's closed on Fridays when we're just the regular employees here.

So yay tea! I'm glad I went, because the cold front has left; it was a pleasant walk. I'll still be exhausted when I get back home, but the sense of accomplishment will be worth it. A full week of walking to and from work every day, five days. I think I may have done it before, but usually I'm so tired I resort to using public transportation at least once a week.

Definitely leaving early today, to get more time for relaxing this weekend. Today will probably be spent slacking, watching anime, cleaning my room a bit, snuggling with my kitty and such.

Tomorrow is Katamari Weekend at my aniki's. Sigmund is coming over too, and we're going to be playing Munchkin as well. And there'll be tea. I should make some food item, cake perhaps, to bring. No idea how long and from when he intends to have us over, will try to get in touch with him today.

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