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End of the weekend..

It just hit me how I haven't been to the pond since before I got my camera. I'll try to go next weekend.

Can't do it on a weekday; even if I were not exhausted from work, it'd be dark before I could get there. That's the main reason I don't like working.. all that time wasted.

For a moment I fancied the idea of saving up for half a year and buying Photoshop CS. But then I realized that if I had that much money, I'd much rather buy a new monitor. If only it cost half of what it did.. but I'd probably still go for a new monitor.

I need a new bed and chair too. My income just isn't sufficient to live a middle class lifestyle. And when did I last get a haircut? I think it was this summer..

Maa, I didn't intend for this to be a whiny entry, so on to another point I wanted to write about..

In my indecisiveness, I often have the urge to ask others to make decisions for me. Stuff like which kind of tea I should have (sometimes I spend more time making my mind up than making the tea), what I should do with my time, how I should prioritize my spending..
Have any thoughts about this?

From where I stand, it doesn't really seem like letting others' run my life.. I make all the truly important decisions myself.. I may ask for opinions, and they are likely to influence my decision, but they won't make the decision for me.

Made a new icon for nagamori, from a photo I took today. The only one out of 34 pictures that turned out pretty good. Cats are hard to take good photos of..

I need someone to link with in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

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