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Mhrnng (morning)


VNCed into Matsuri.

To be able to pack a lunch, and nothing so bland as the plain rice of yesterday, I baked bread. Tea bread. Have consumed the better part of the first loaf, and while I am full, I feel a need to eat the rest of it as well because it's just that good.

I should start writing down the amount of stuff I throw in my experiments, so I can attempt to replicate them if successful.

700g wheat flour (white)
yeast.. I use dry yeast because it's so much easier
salt.. about a teaspoon I guess

mix dry ingredients in a bowl.

Then make tea. I made passion fruit green tea this time. Making it a bit strong is probably a good idea.
Once the tea is done, pour the desired amount (I used 6dl, which proved to be barely enough) into a container for cooling off. Add sugar or honey to the tea. I used a large spoonful of honey. The tea needs to cool off so it won't kill the yeast, so take a break, enjoy the rest of the tea, and watch some anime.

Once the tea is room temperature, mix with the flour mix. Add some oil as well. Knead. Knead. Keep working.. Once you've had enough, cover with plastic film and leave overnight.

Next morning, the dough should be roughly doubled in size.. beat it back to normal, knead for a while, put away for final fermentation. Once done, bake at ~250ºC for ~30 minutes.

Off to work with a smile, I have tea bread in my lunchbox. ^_^

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