Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

All good things must come to an end..


Or at the very least a grinding halt. I only have four subbed episodes of One Piece left to watch.

Once I'm done with those, and catch up to the series I've begun to lag behind on.. and I'll start watching Prince of Tennis, I guess.

I really should take a hiatus and focus on getting stuff done instead of wasting all this time entertaining myself, though.

Lingering at home a bit before heading off to work. Not leaving until I've finished my tea. Cafeteria is closed today and tomorrow. This pretty much ruins my motivation. And the weather forecast says there might be snow, and it's getting colder again this weekend.

Six days until payday.

Oh yeah. Johan called me yesterday saying some of the guys are planning a trip to Sweden next week. I am so going, even if it's on Tuesday (day before payday), because I can just grab the half a month's rent I have stashed away and put it back the next day. But the date hasn't been decided, might be Thursday instead. Anyhow..
oh crud, just remembered I said I wouldn't buy any more tea supplies until next payday. I hope it's after Tuesday then, because I'd hate to break a promise. :P

To work, I shuffle.

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