Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

All these stupid memes going around..


Leave a comment if you want me to tell you all I think about you. Honestly. In turn, you should post this in your journal to let others hear your evil thoughts

As if I need a meme to tell people what I think about them. (Note: I am not doing this meme. I'm mocking it. Don't reply to this entry thinking it'll make me say anything about you)

More thoughts about that "Ten things I've done" meme.. on that despair I feel when I can't even write a single thing.
It is perhaps my greatest fear to be mundane. To be no one special.

But, eh, I know better. I'm more than special enough. I just don't have many things to boast of.

I am very influenced by others. I don't have many things I can call my own. Perhaps Tea. No one introduced me to Tea, it was something I sought out myself, and found to my liking. A rarity.

Often I read in various people's journals about things they do, music they listen to and food/drink they enjoy, try it, and.. well, whether I like it or not, it doesn't feel like it's mine. I'll probably never be able to eat plantains without thinking about Devo-sempai, or listening to half of my j-pop collection without thinking of Kimi-chan. This is not in any way a bad thing, I'm just saying I need some things that are mine.
Or maybe I just think I need them. I could be mistaken.

Having tea is enough, really, because I am so passionate about it.

The hobby of photography is something I've had since childhood - mostly thanks to my father, I guess. The interest in computers comes from him too.

It's only natural for us to pick up ideas from others. We are a gregarious species, after all.

What have your friends "given" you? What have you "inherited" from your parents? What have you acquired through no outside influence?

On a side note, I have never dyed my hair, had my ears pierced, or had coffee. Would you say I am missing out on anything?

Lastly, a "Postcard from Oslo"

(me and a cat I sometimes meet on my way to work)

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