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As far as weekends go, this one was pretty good.


Didn't really do much today.. Got another load of laundry done, some minor cleaning, watched a bunch of stuff and drank a couple of glasses of the wine my sister gave me for my birthday. I liked it, thanks. ^_^

Kind of disappointed in myself for playing so much FFTA and not reading anything. Still have half the month to go, so I'm not worried about missing my self-imposed deadline.

Shopping trip of DOOM! is set to Thursday. This pleases me very much. Three days until payday.


I don't really use the current mood field a lot.. I should just edit my style and have it say "current tea".. although I don't quite have as many flavors of tea as there are moods (yet).. heh. But it'd still show up as current mood on my readers' friends pages.

I want to re-do, tweak and fix a lot of things. Didn't get around to putting that NIC into Ao-chan this weekend.. it'd be fun to have my Win95 computer on the network..

Tired now. Must sleep.. work again tomorrow..

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