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More snow.


Work was a complete waste of time today. I came in late, got one mug of tea before the cafeteria closed. The network was down. Was unable to find the cause from my end, most likely someone had plugged out our segment. I played three battles in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and typed up a post, but the network did not miraculously restore itself. Saved what I wrote to my USB key.

Took inventory of my tea collection. I have 210 teabags at work, of 23 different flavors. Ten greens, twelve blacks and one herbal.  ^__^

I suddenly remembered something completely random on my way to work this almost-noon.

There was a game on the Amiga, called Darkseed.. Starts out with the protagonist having a very disturbing nightmare where he is implanted with an alien seed/embryo.. which is growing and will hatch in three days, killing him. Can't remember if lots of other people were infected as well, or if he was the only one. I really want to play that game again.

I only played the demo version, I think.. where you die the first time you go to sleep. Heh. Anyway, the game had me really creeped out. These alien creatures were of course of the H. R. Giger variety.. always had a thing for those.

There's just something about the design that has always struck me as.. familiar? I guess it goes pretty far back with me. The Turrican games, the first Alien movie, etc. I'm positive it goes further back than that, I just can't remember.
It's the kind of thing where, while I find it grotesque, I can't look away. There's something important here I can't afford to miss.

Much to my delight, the game (PC version, at least) is in more supply than demand, you can get it from ebay for a dollar plus shipping. Many of the sellers send internationally too, yay.

Reading the sole review on GF, the game appears to be mediocre, but interesting.

Going to Sweden tomorrow. So excited that I had a weird dream tonight, where a war broke out between Norway and Sweden.. and I was disappointed because that meant I couldn't go there to buy tea anymore.

Anyway, after work I stopped by Tourus for a börek, and purchased some mushrooms, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, incredibly expensive "Mirabelle Plum" jam, and a small box of tandoori masala spice mix.

As it was still early, I reached the local gardening center before closing time for once. Got some soil and flower seeds, and petted the kitty (no pictures, sorry). I didn't know they had a cat there.. The cat was indoors in the store, I think he belonged to the lady at the cash register. Didn't ask.

And I sit here feeling like I'm wasting time.. have so many things I should do. I should write a list and start going through the points one by one.

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