Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Friday. The eve of Easter Vacation..


Technically I don't have work off today, but I'm positive I could just not show up and no one would notice - I doubt anyone will be in that building after lunch break.

It'll be past lunch break by the time I get there.. Still going.

It'll feel like a waste, and maybe it'll be a waste too, but I could use the exercise. And I could continue downtown from work, and run some errands.

So, what are you guys doing this easter? Anyone going to The Gathering? I wish I could go.. haven't gone since 1999.. I might even meet some people I used to know.

But it costs over 600 kroner, and I'd need money for food as well.. then there's the risk of equipment being stolen, noise, poor sleeping accommodations (unless they've changed drastically over the years)

But damn, it's been fun, every single time.

TSP is arranging a mini-con this weekend at Blindern. Am of course going, it's walking distance from home.. well, to me, anything that takes less than two hours by foot is walking distance, but it only takes me half an hour to walk to Blindern from my place.

But for the rest of Easter vacation? Not going anywhere. Planning to use it to catch up to things I should do, but rarely find the time to.. read, clean my room, play with the cat, spend time outdoors during sunlight hours, update my website.. socialize, yeah.. eh.. I'll be online lots, I'm sure.

And it's been four years since I moved here (on tuesday or so).. I should celebrate in some way, but I don't really have people to invite other than family, and my sister and mother is on that annoying atkins diet, so I can't even make a cake for them. I'm starting to really get good at baking apple cake too.

Still trying to figure out what the deal is with the person who added me out of the blue. We've never exchanged comments before that I can remember, our only matching interests are "cats" and "books".. that's rather vague. On the other hand, my ego is very pleased that someone I've never talked to before thinks my journal is worth reading. Hi, welcome.

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