Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

garlic bread and stuff


I had to force-feed Odessa her medicine. Meh, next time I'm going with the one I used last time; just have to make her swallow one small pill, and that's it. Tomorrow will be bad, she'll be expecting the medicine then. She seemed to sulk for a while, but I think she has forgiven me now.

Have been rather unproductive today, except for the making of the garlic bread, which I  just put in the oven. I believe it will turn out great.. the dough had a good feeling to it. The critical point will be the amount of garlic. Is one whole fresh garlic the right amount for two loaves of bread? </has no clue>

Yakitate!! Japan OST is due to be released the day after tomorrow. Want, want, want, can't afford.. and even if I ordered it, I'd receive it about a week after I download it.. depressing. But maybe next payday..
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