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I feel as if I've lost something.


Something very important.

So I dumped the contents of my mp3 player on my hard drive, and am in the process of going through it, putting what music I own back on the drive. Curious as to if I can be happy abstaining from pirated music.

There's no way I'm able to buy all the music I want to, and even if money wasn't an issue, there's stuff so old it's not available anymore, and much of the music released last year was on these godsforsaken "copy controlled" discs, making them utterly useless.

Looks like I was wrong. I wanted to take a stand and show my appreciation of music by buying it.. but when I can't buy half the stuff I want to before money is even an issue..

Mou.. the recording industry has long since failed us. I don't feel obligated to play by their rules. Their rules suck.

I don't think I'll stop buying music.. I just wish I  had a hope of getting everything I want. There's too much stuff.
Not just music: books, movies, games and anime as well.

I spend too much effort on making sure I get things, and not enough on enjoying said things.

Didn't do much of anything today. Took a few photos of my easter lilies, and some of one of the local squirrels.

Need more One Piece. It's been over a week since the last release from Kaizoku-Fansubs.

Yakitate!! Japan soundtrack is out.. and it's awesome. Worth buying.

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