Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Back from my trip with photo goodness.


The common crow, in icon format.

Two flies enjoying the water and sunlight. Or something.

Eventually I reached my planned destination:

The Great Tree of Life and Death

On the light side of the tree, it looks dead and barren.

..but on the shadow side, there is moss. Lots of moss.

Along the entire shadow side.

I call this piece "Standing in the Shadow of Life"..

Am mostly happy with how it turned out, but wish I could have gotten more crammed into the picture - but if I backed further away, the sun wouldn't be obscured. Maybe if I had waited until later during the day.

Afterward, I continued onward, found a nice, sunny spot where I sat for a few hours, reading my book. It was nice to be free of the distraction of the internet.
Tags: icon, photos

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