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As of today, it is officially spring:

Someone could have told me that the second day of easter is a national holiday in Norway. I thought it was business as usual, but I realized long before I arrived that work would be closed.

But the trip was not in vain. In addition to the work-out, I met one of my favorite kitties on the way back home. Pictures will be posted in kittypix within the next few days. I hope.

I'm notorious when it comes to postponing things I should do, but writing that I am going to do it in here helps me keep my resolutions. Nothing like the imagined expectations of others to keep me going. ^_^;

Can't do much on Lorelai while copying DVDs.. So I cleared another two chapters in my book (did one while out), leaving just three more. Finishing it this month is just about inevitable.

I almost filled the memory card of my camera today. Granted, I hadn't dumped the images from the last trip yet..
..and the batteries are still holding. Wow. I always believed that rechargeables were weaker than regulars. These are better than Duracell Ultra M3.
Need to buy a few more rechargeables next paycheck. I like having a pair charged in reserve for when the other goes out, but I need batteries for several things: Digicam, GBA, and.. my toys, which are mostly worn out. Need to buy new ones. The one I got on my visit to Florida got overheated and died.

Sixteen days until payday. Will have to dig into the rent money eventually, but I'm postponing that as long as I can. I'm tired of living from paycheck to paycheck. It causes me more stress than it's worth.

Stress is a major factor to my insomnia, I believe. Stress caused by the uncertainty of my situation. I'll try to ask my boss about what's going on tomorrow.

I hope I'll be able to fall asleep soon.

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