Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Back at work.


But there's no one here, the cafeteria is closed, and the network still down.. but I managed to hitch on to a random wireless network. And I brought the water boiler. Am currently enjoying my second mug of tea. Take that, random tyrannical cafeteria opening hours!

The wireless keeps falling out every now and then, though.. so yeah, definitely not staying much longer, unless my boss shows up.

Met that long-haired black kitty on my way to work - I gave her some food, she seemed very hungry. When she first saw me, she let out a pitiful mew and approached me. Maybe she had remembered that I had fed her before?

Never seen her like that before. I hope her owner didn't go away for Easter and let the cat fend for herself.. although the cat seems capable. Her fur had been given significantly less grooming, this is often the sign of a stray. Cats who need to hunt for food have less time and energy left for cleaning themselves.

I guess I'll wander off and look for a post office now.

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