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After "work," stopped by Pandabutikken for a brief chat with Tina. Proceeded to the post office at Grünerløkka and mailed the DVDs to souvraya. Walked home.

Did not meet any other cats. Batteries finally ran out.

Came home, made a simple dinner, watched some Bleach, worked on my website.
Still no update for the Naruto pages.. updated my LJ icon collection instead. The code is now HTML 4.01-compliant, and several icons were added - one that hasn't been posted before. Completely random spider icon I made the other day.

And so it seems I've managed to spend the whole day. Barely had any communication with anyone.. maybe a couple of lines spoken on IRC. Barely any LJ comments posted. My little brother called me, but we only talked about games, and not too long.

And I keep.. spacing out, I guess. Time passes that I do not perceive. I think it's been a few minutes, and it's been over half an hour already. And I've been doing nothing.

I feel detached from the rest of the world.
I keep reading my website's stats.. all those visitors whose presence is otherwise undetectable. They don't sign the guestbook, they don't email me saying they liked my site, bugging me about updating, or anything. Without the stats, I wouldn't know they had even been there.
I wish they'd talk to me.

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