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In a way, I am relieved to find no one here at work, yet again.


Having one of those days where I just don't want to have anything to do with people.

Slept rather poorly. Forgot to take my vitamins this morning, too.. and I skipped breakfast. Met that black cat again, took some photos. Arrived at work about the time the cafeteria would close, had it been open at all. No sign of anyone I know.

Consciously avoided close proximity to other humans on my way to work. Refused to cross before a car, even when they waved for me to pass. No, I stood there for maybe a minute, until there was an opening in the traffic so they'd get onto the road. Did not trust the driver to not lose his sanity at a critical moment and run me over. I don't feel safe.

I don't think it can be anything else than insanity, this paranoia I feel. I think they are conspiring against me because I've figured out what they are trying to do. But that should mean I'd have a chance to stop them if I was left alone.. something I don't believe I have.

(Referencing the thoughts I referred to back in this post)

Don't believe me? read this. I'm not a raving lunatic, just a tad fruity.

Mmm, fruit.

::eats a passion fruit::

Also, finished the book of the month today. The third book of the Harpers was disappointing compared to the first two. The most annoying point was how the female lead fell for the male lead as if she had no choice in the matter, like romance is required for a book. I could see a friendship developing, but not a romance. The villains were too stereotypical. The main characters' personalities were bland. One word was consistently misspelled all three or four times it appeared. Three cases of a missing space between words, two of them being on the same page, and one randomly capitalized letter at the end of a word. The editor could've done a better job.
It's bad when you near the end of the book, and don't care if the heroes live or die.

Better luck next book, I guess.

I should just not go to work tomorrow. Go somewhere else instead.. someplace I haven't gone before. Bring the map and plot a course, and see what kind of a place I end up at. Get a good start at the book of the month for April, hopefully allowing me to clear at least two. A bit disappointed in myself for barely meeting the minimum for March.
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to go to work tomorrow. I'd rather enjoy the fresh spring air and a good book.

Have used almost one full % of my monthly allowed bandwidth.. if I hurry back home and process some of the kitty photos I've taken this week and post them to kittypix, I should be able to break into the beginning of the second percent.

Need to work on my website lots. Am now getting spam. Just got the second piece, from the same spammer. First one claimed my website "needs this" - spamming two and a half million alleged "opt-in" addresses. No, my website does not need more visitors. It's pathetically underdeveloped. Have to wonder how they found my domain.. database of recently opened websites anywhere? It's obvious they didn't look at the site. Need to make a robots.txt and make them go away.. have seen a few 404s for that file in the recent visitors log.

Need to go home, get some real food, email my boss, sleep.. meh. I feel a little sick, but that's probably because all I've had to eat today is chocolate, tea, and one passion fruit.

Note to self: Re-stock the emergency chocolate stash at work.

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