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"I have plenty of willpower, I just lack discipline"


As no one else seems to care if I make it to work or not, I too have stopped caring.. about making it on time, at least. I still come here.

It has become harder to get up in the mornings, recently. I think I figured it out on my way to work today.. The things I do aren't important. There is no sense of accomplishment.

Is that all I amount to? Someone who needs to be useful to others, to be praised, to be regularly assured that she is doing the right thing.. feh to that. It's not what I want to be.

If there's a balance between caring about what others think and needing approval, I hope I find it soon.

So, I did see my boss today.. for a whole minute, as she assigned me some grunt work to do. Yay, I get to feel useful. Did not, however, find the opportunity to say "we need to talk".. she's so busy all the time. I'll send an email, like I should have a week ago.

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