Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Need more free time, soon.


Ordered the new character book. Will have plenty more material to add to my site once I get started at translating.

Stress. Too much of it. I can barely keep up with my own life. I don't do a lot of direct communication these days, mostly LJ, but even here I've been distant, spending more time posting photos than writing.

I spent three hours getting home from work today. Deviated from my usual path, ended up way up in Nydalen, managed to navigate my way to Tåsen, where I am familiar with the area. Took many photos, but none of them turned out exceptionally good. Overcast day.

Am naturally exhausted now. And haven't done much after getting home, apart from putting away my clean laundry, watching an episode of something, and having a mug of tea. No such thing as dinner.

And I should be going to bed within the hour. That's the downside of walking.. it's time I could spend accomplishing stuff instead.
But my health is more important than those things. No doubt there.

Oh yeah, and I saw the cutest car on my way to work today. It was tiny! One of those electricity-driven things. I want one! (Because when I say I don't want a car, I mean I don't want to add to the pollution)

Isn't that just awesome? It's as long as a regular car is wide! Parking has never been easier!
Of course you can't use it to transport much loot, and I imagine it's no good for long-distance driving.. But for the daily commute and such, it's great.

Hot pink is cool, but I'd prefer deep green.

Thanks to the magic of rss feeds in the guise of kaizoku_rss, I now know that the reason for the irregular releases was Spring Break (okay, I could have guessed that), and that they are back working on it. Yay! がんばって!

I love syndicated feeds. Especially spamusement. It brightens my day considerably.

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