Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

What with the passing of the pope and the various reactions I've seen across LJ..


Made me wonder.. Inevitably, there are a lot of different faiths held by people around here, and sooner or later I am bound to offend someone with something I say.

So.. what offends you?

I'll go first.

stuff that offends me

Although sometimes entertaining (and that's the reason I read mock_the_stupid), gross stupidity occasionally manages to offend me.

Butchered English (and other languages) offends me. One sure-fire way to offend me is to refer to me as "u". Talking to someone in chatspeak is disrespectful, it signifies that the speaker does not consider the addressed worthy of the extra effort it takes to write properly. Such an insult offends me.

Gay-bashing offends me.

Many religions' doctrines offend me. Particularly the ones that would have me believe that my purpose on this Earth is to pump out babies, and that I am somehow inferior to my male fellow human beings, as well as the ones that condemn homosexuality as a sin.

Adding to the previous point, any attempt at controlling someone using guilt or fear offends me.

Deliberate cruelty, be it towards humans, animals or the environment, also offends me.

The idea that I am an immoral person because I do not have a God offends me. I do not need the promise of reward or threat of punishment after death to keep me in line; I walk this line of my own choice.

The term "breeder" applied to people who choose to bear children offends me. It reduces people down to their reproductive functions. There is always more to people than that.

Fear of the unknown and the refusal to acknowledge that anything beyond one's own horizons could be of any value.. that offends me too.

I don't think jokes about Helen Keller or dead babies are funny. At all. There are also others, but none come to mind right now. Will likely edit this post later.

The claim that someone is responsible in any way for being raped offends me. It is demeaning to men to suggest that they are incapable of controlling their urges.

Also, I am offended by the odor of tobacco, particularly when it emanates from the waste of skin I am forced to share the house with. I am also ever so slightly offended by the way I refer to him in my posts, as if he is less than human just because he annoys me. Yay for hypocrisy.

I don't consider myself easily offended, but I often find myself thinking "There's no reason I should tolerate this shit."

This post is in no way aimed at any particular person. Mainly I am asking to have a better idea of people's preferences, so I don't barge ahead and cluelessly offend someone. It's not out of character for me to bash religion.. Though I don't think I'd ever do that unprovoked.

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