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I used to think that adventures were something we only had during summer vacation.. But they're right here, outskirts of Oslo, on a normal Saturday in spring.

Off to Båntjern I went, to get a photo for oslo_fotoblog.

Past the brook at the beginning of the forest, blåveis and a large anthill..

Eventually arriving at Båntjern only to find it still covered in ice.

I took a break and poured some tea into my Foldable Cup. It was still pleasantly hot, despite the fact that I don't have a thermos.

Water flowing out of the pond

Large wooden boards placed in the path around the pond help hikers stay dry during the more muddy parts of the year

Plenty of benches too.

Our very own miniature waterfall - the source of Båntjern's water.

View of Båntjern, again.

Close-up of some moss.


A cluster of feathers floating on the water. I took several pictures, but only this one turned out good enough to post.

Along the path to the bluff overlooking Båntjern

..more pictures of Blåveis (English: Liverleaf) were taken.

Recognize this rock?

Båntjern from above.

You can see parts of the city from behind the treetops here.

The small brook that brings Båntjern its water supply.

Higher up, a better view of Oslo. A larger version was posted to oslo_fotoblog today.

Still mostly following the chuckling stream of water, Båntjern still in view behind me.

For some reason I kept expecting to see a giant katamari at this point. ^_^;

Eventually I got more or less lost. I could easily find my way back the way I came from, but what's the fun in that?
Did however start fearing that the sun would set before I got back home.

Then I came across one of the marked paths. Having already spent over two hours, I reluctantly chose the path that I knew would lead back, vowing to return someday and see where the other end led.

Did get out of the forest before sundown.

And met a cute kitty before arriving home.

And lastly, a panorama shot:

242KB, 3000x600 pixels
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