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*headdesk* Work, damn it!


So I was just doing my stuff, working on updating my site. Which means looking up seiyuu on animenewsnetwork, when suddenly Firefox crashes on me. Okay, that happens a couple of times a month, no big deal. I didn't have anything open I couldn't afford to lose.

Except Firefox then crashed upon startup every time. In safe mode too. Also after uninstalling and reinstalling. Removed my profile data and it started, but without my bookmarks, saved passwords, extensions, everything.

I really don't feel up to doing this right now.

And I now have Firefox 1.0.2 of which very few of my favorite extensions are available.


Going to make a pot of green tea, remove everything, and lovingly restore everything by hand, extension by extension, bookmark by bookmark.
It'll take hours. I won't finish tonight. Waste of time I could've spent continuing to update my site.

For those of you curious as to what I was updating, it was the character list. I'm splitting it into logical sections, both chronological and alphabetical. What I've done so far is here - you'll notice several characters from episode 1 have been added. Really really minor ones who never appeared again. I was working on looking up the seiyuu for the daimyo of Hi no kuni's wife when FF crashed on me. I was on a roll.

Then it all came to a grinding halt as I suddenly had other issues to tangle with.

I hate it when this happens. Matsuri is pretty b0rked too. Want to format and reinstall.. probably a different Linux distro, although I rather liked Ubuntu. Started to get used to it a little. Am sure I can fare better with another. At least I don't have any important data on her, like email archives.
Suggestions for which flavor to try next?

All this crap just because I installed that damn session saver extension earlier today, and neglecting to configure it to not automatically reload on startup, assuming that can be done.

Am not satisfied with Firefox, but there aren't any other browsers I feel like tolerating.

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