Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

[site update]


And here I thought I would keep procrastinating, despite receiving the book.

Worked on my site a bit. Major change is that I re-did the Ninja Registry from scratch. It was originally an OpenOffice document that I exported to html. So now the code is cleaner, the file size roughly halved, and while I was at it, I added all the "new" characters. Hoping to be able to link each name to the appropriate profile, but first I have to write said profiles.

There are a lot of the special jounin and chuunin that aren't even in the book - because there's nothing new since the first book, I assume.
But Genma has a whole page this time!

Graduated from the academy age 10. Chuunin age 13.
D-rank missions: 165
C-rank missions: 220
B-rank missions: 454
A-rank missions: 74
S-rank missions: 2

Raidou gets half a page, as opposed to a third of a page in the previous book. Still doesn't list how many missions he has been on, or much of anything else.
Just three special jounin in the entire book. Am disappointed at that.

Will update the site with the info I just posted here tomorrow. Clock just ticked past midnight, and I must sleep.

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