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I unplugged my phone last night. There's no one I want to call me, and the only ones who do anyway are telemarketers, despite the fact that I have been on the national do not call list for over a year. And people conducting surveys. Last time I pointed out my no call status to one of them, they said surveys are exempt.

But it's the same. People calling and bothering me. That's not the reason I have a telephone.

I've never liked telephones, and I loathe cellphones. But strangely enough, I was the first person in my family to get a mobile. I was eighteen, and rarely at home. And I liked how mobiles displayed the number the call originated from. It was less scary to answer when I had a clue who was calling.

Today I'm the only person in my family who doesn't have one. My lifestyle has changed. It's more of an annoyance than a convenience. Same with my normal phone, which is why I've disconnected it for now. I can just pop the cable back in if I need to make a call.

Sign that I've been watching too much Evangelion in too short a space of time: In my dream tonight, I was back at my family's old house at Brårud (been several years since we sold the house, but being the place I've lived the longest, ~11 years, a lot of my dreams still take place there.) There was this really huge thunderstorm nearby, so I figured I'd shut down my computer, as it was getting closer.
She would not turn off. I unplugged her, but she did not power down, having "evolved" to not need an external power source.
This was my old Amiga 1200, by the way.

A few days ago, early in the morning, while still too entangled in Morpheus's web to drag myself out of bed, I had this thought that would not leave me.

I think about that scene in episode 80 a lot.
Now, Kakashi is 27 (Everyone has aged a year in the new book), and Yuugao is 22. So we have a age difference of about five years. In ninja terms, that is a lot, especially when you consider that Kakashi graduated from the academy when he was five, and became a chuunin at age six.
Rin and Obito graduated at age nine and reached chuunin level when they were eleven. Their ninja registration numbers are one apart from each other, so it is safe to assume they were classmates. I assume they were roughly the same age as Kakashi too.

Now, Obito died when he was thirteen. Rin's age isn't listed in the book, but we know she's the same age as Obito.
At the time Kakashi/Rin/Obito were thirteen, Yuugao would be around eight. The book doesn't list what age she graduated at, but from her ninja registration number and age, I can deduce that she had not yet graduated from the academy at the time of Obito's death.

So how did she know about Obito?
I can only think of one answer: Kakashi must have told her.

Someone needs to write that fanfic.

Does anyone remember if it's ever been mentioned in canon when Kakashi was in the ANBU?

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