Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

[Site update] and stuff.


Someone in chuunin requested a list of character birthdays in calendar format. Thinking that none had made an updated one yet, I went through both character data books and compiled a list. (link)

Life's okay, though reality lurks at the back of my head; these days of solace will not last.
Still, I'm enjoying the stolen respite.

There's a large flea market being held nearby the weekend after the next. Might go haunt it looking for old computers that can be scavenged for parts. Of course there's the risk of falling in love.. I really don't have the space for another computer. Already have one too many, which is why I'm planning on restoring Secunda to working condition and selling it at a marginal profit.
But part of me wants to keep Secunda. Secunda is probably the least troublesome out of my computers. But do I really need a Pentium II 333MHz when I have an AMD Duron 750MHz and a AMD K-5 100MHz?

I need to stop collecting stuff I don't need. A 386 might be useful. I have a few ancient games that ran too fast on our old Pentium 90MHz. Part of me says "that's what emulators are for," but I have a desire for the authentic. Perhaps that is why I prefer buying music and ripping my own mp3s, rather than downloading.

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