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Fun with website stats and other stuff


Second after search strings (have very few of those for now), referrers are my favorite things to look at.
And since I post images off my site on LJ, a lot of my referrers are people's friends pages, especially when posting in communities.

Few people read their friends page filtered. Here are the filters I have seen so far:

"Not RPG"
"read this stuff"
"communities" (I bet a lot of people don't know about ?show=C and have filters like this - multiple people had a group by this name)
"fun communities"
"work content"
"group one"

Do you have any strangely named filters?

I could read my stats pages for hours.. er, I probably did.
Nothing major or even moderate accomplished today. Procrastination.

Mental health: doing better.
It felt really good to put my depression into words in that entry to my "support group" filter the other day. Not sure if it's even a "first step," maybe it's just putting both my feet down on the ground, looking around trying to figure out which direction I should go. It feels great to have people I can tell it all to, instead of worrying that people will defriend me because they don't like whining. Been posting a lot of locked or filtered stuff recently, but I seem to be going more public again. Been hanging around communities, posting comments at my normal frequency.

Kitty: yay.
Odessa graced me with her presence today, for a period of time that might have been as much as half an hour. She gave me hugs and snuggles, and then we sat out on my balcony for a while, enjoying the sunlight and life in general. I took some photos, but they turned out pretty dark.. and I can't just turn up the brightness in photoshop, because there are sunlit areas that would turn damn near white if I do.. Need to learn more tricks.
Anyway, having her give me attention after she's been practically ignoring me for over a week felt really good. ^_^

And now she's here again, sitting on my lap while I type. ^_^

oslo_fotoblog is being cranky and refusing to update again. Looks like it timed out, then LJ decides to wait three hours before trying again. Feh.

Maybe I'm the only one who sees this as attention-seeking.. anyhow..
What are the reasons you read my journal/have friended me?

Some of you are people I know from outside of LJ.. other reasons I can think of is that I might be an interesting person (but I know that's not the case with everyone), some may be here for the photos, or the bits of esoteric Naruto data, perhaps even some for the "your pain is my entertainment" factor. >_>
I'm pretty sure no one is here for the LJ icons I make.. I don't even post all of them here, there are more on my site.
So, comments telling me why you read me are appreciated, especially from the people I don't know very well yet.

Edit: (forgot to add this when initially posting) souvraya: Noticed you completed the last file. Have added more. Didn't think you'd finish so soon. Also, are you using any IM services? It'd be nice to be able to talk to you to troubleshoot speed issues, and other things.

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