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On this day, three years ago, a young woman named Anooshe Sediq Gholam was murdered by her ex-husband. She was 22 years old.

She was forced to marry when she was thirteen. Her father was against the marriage, but eventually allowed it because he knew he would be killed if he kept protesting. The husband was around ten years older, and abusive.

In 1999, Anooshe, her husband and their two children moved from Afghanistan to Norway. His abuse escalated as he realized his power over his wife was diminishing, as she learned Norwegian. He'd interrogate her about who she had been talking to, what they talked about. She had practically no freedom.

But she was a very brave woman. She took the kids and escaped. She filed for a divorce, and sent a letter to the authorities, pleading for help.
They failed her.

Moved between shelters and secret locations, Anooshe lived with the certainty that she would be killed. A year after she had sent the letter, she was proven right. When she met her ex-husband on the way to court for custody over the children, he shot her five times, killing her.

I don't usually mourn people I've never met, but I don't think I'll ever forget Anooshe.

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