Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Ah, blessed payday.


I have money again. I'm sure it won't last until next payday anyway, since I am in dire need of retail therapy now.

So I'm going to buy myself one CD.

Don't know which to choose.. I'd post a poll, but I want to order it today. Can't wait until all of you have answered. :P

Fullmetal Alchemist complete best - all the openings and endings. Re-released in real CD format.
Pro: It's lower priced than most CDs, I might be able to buy a single too. Love all the songs. Con: Nothing I haven't heard before.

the new Porno Graffitti CD.
Pro: I love them. Several must-have songs. Haven't bought anything by them yet. Con: I've already downloaded it.

The Black Mages (either one)
Pro: Great music, good price. Actually haven't downloaded the second one yet. Con: Not what I had in mind right now.

Yakitate!! Japan OST
Pro: Full length opening and both endings. Several other good tracks too. Con: yeah, you guessed it, already downloaded.

Rie Fu
Pro: I know I love her voice, and both the songs of hers I've heard are on the album (might be a different version of Voice, though).  Con: None! I just know I'm going to like it.

Hunter X Hunter Best Sound Collection
Pro: Four CDs - all OSTs up to the first OVA I think.  Con: Expensive, would probably need to pay import fee. No op-ed themes.

(various artists? considering I get over 15k results listed when I click on the artist name, I think "omnibus" isn't the band's name) - OH MY BAD!
Pro: There's this one song on it that I've heard - which I love because it's just hilarious. If the rest of the album is in the same vein, I'll be awesome. Price low enough that I could buy a single too.
Con: The rest of it could suck.

So there it is. Will probably go for the full-priced Rie Fu album, or one of the lower priced ones + a single.

Also considering shopping elsewhere than Amazon. Am very pleased with their shipping speed, but they charge a bit much for shipping and handling.
Been looking at YesAsia, their shipping is cheaper, and they offer free shipping on orders just over the tax exempt amount.
I read in the news recently that they are going to do away with that thing, and charge import fees on all goods, not just the ones over 200NOK in value. Am not pleased. If anything, they should raise the limit so it'd be possible to buy a full-price Japanese DVD and not have to pay those bloodsuckers.
(On the other hand, they never billed me anything when I bought Kumo no mukou on DVD, and it was clearly over the limit - maybe they aren't paying attention?)

Anyway.. Any of you have any experience with YesAsia? How's their shipping speed?

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