Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

[backdated] Userinfo dump


Stuff previously featured in my userinfo: Colorbars, blog crew, stuff like that.

Naruto Blog Crew:
[?]Hatake Kakashi
[x]Uzumaki Naruto
[x]Morino Ibiki
[?]Haruno Sakura
[x]Uchiha Itachi
[x]Inuzuka Kiba
[x]Nara Shikamaru
[?]Mitarashi Anko
[x]Uchiha Sasuke
[x]Hyuuga Neji
[x]Yondaime Hokage
[x]Yamanaka Ino
[x]Yakushi Kabuto
[x]Akimichi Chouji
[x]Aburame Shino
[x]Rock Lee
[x]Hyuuga Hinata
[?]Want to join?

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Everyone Feels This Pain
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Whoring Yourself For Compliments On Livejournal To Reinforce Your Failing Self-Esteem Isn't Love.

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