Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Day by day, life passes me by.


A while ago, I lamented not having a "home community".. I still don't truly have one, but I'm starting to love childfree and kittypix more.

Cleaning my room a bit today - did a lot of dusting, washed the outside of the main window.. Discovered a cluster of those icky brown flies on the inside, hiding behind the curtain. They must've hatched from the soil I'm growing my flowers in.. fertilized with cow dung, of course it would spawn flies.. ick.
Sucked them up with the vacuum cleaner. ^_^ >_>
I feel a little guilty doing that.. poor helpless flies.
You can't do that with a swarm of wasps. I did that last summer, and just sucking up a couple, the rest catch on and attack the other end of the vacuum tube. I barely got away without getting stung.

I've lived here for four years, and the only times my room has been tidy have been direcly after my sister's visits. I'm a bit ashamed at this, but not too ashamed to admit it. I'm sure some of you guys are the same way.

Dust accumulates very fast in my room.. Is there anything I can do about that, aside from the obvious "Dust more often"?

What I need are routines. Regular times to perform each household chore.

I also have more long-term plans for getting my room in better shape..

Purely decorative ones, like getting new curtains.. Thinking black or dark green. I don't like the current red/yellow/blue crap I have now. But getting new one takes money, possibly also a lot of searching and effort if I am to sew them myself. Finding the right fabric, figuring out how to sew them.. I haven't sewed curtains before, but it can't be that hard, right? I could visit my mom and borrow her sewing machine if it's not broken or anything.

Getting rid of Secunda - right now it's just standing there on the floor. I refuse to scrap it - want to find it a new home. So I need to get it some RAM and a hard drive at the very least. I might be able to pick up a monitor at the flea market this weekend.. would be easier to sell if it was complete with all peripherals. Needs a mouse and keyboard too in that case. Quite the investment just to get rid of it.. So, it stays for now.

There's a good deal of space on top of my wardrobe. Very dust intensive, best solution would be boxes for storing stuff, so I can easily clean the area. So, I need to buy plastic boxes. About 42 cm from the top of the wardrobe to the ceiling.

What to do with my balcony - there's nothing there right now but a chair (very old and worn, Odessa uses it more than I do), a small table, and my flower boxes. Logical place to keep gardening supplies. Again, need proper containers.

I have a huge mess of cables behind my computers. Need velcro cable ties.. Thinking of switching to wireless networking (yeah, so soon after getting the gigabit switch) to get it to look better - but that's very low priority. I don't have a single component of wireless networking, so this would be a huge expense to do.

My Ink Consumption Device - it claims to have lots of ink, but is clearly out. Maybe the ink cartridge dried out from lack of use - I really don't use my printer much at all. I don't want to spend more money on ink for the damn thing..
Having a printer is really useful.. but I'm fed up with inkjets, particularly crappy lexmark ones. I want a cheap laser printer, black and white only is fine. However, I don't want one of those huge clumps. I have limited space. My current ink consumption device is already in the way as it is now.

And it's past 1 AM.. I wonder if I'll be able to get out of bed before noon tomorrow.
I have plans.. going into town, taking photos, buying more tea (yes, more tea. I'm almost out of Moon Palace, and I want to try Genmaicha), and buying Odessa the toy I promised her I'd give her this paycheck. Maybe I'll allow myself a manga volume too, maybe not.. I was planning to buy some more rechargeable batteries as well, and those are quite expensive. I need all the ones I have for the camera.. A fully charged pair on standby is essential. The only other devices I have that use AA batteries are my GBA and my vibrator.. The GBA is a low-drain device, it doesn't really need spares.. it gives a low battery warning well in advance of the batteries actually running out. The vibe needs spares, though, few things are as frustrating as running out of power at a critical moment..
But they only sell the batteries in 4-packs.. oh well, I still have several regular batteries I haven't worn out yet.

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