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Lorelai briefly lost network connectivity, again.. What is this, sixth or seventh time since I got the gigabit switch and NICs? Matsuri was fine. Suspect flaw in the NIC in Lorelai, but for now, was going to troubleshoot by switching the ports Matsuri and Lorelai use on the switch.

And Lorelai wouldn't get her IP address back after this. At all. Stuff started hanging, I was forced to eventually reboot, and sit through a very long scandisk upon restarting. Lost the two entries I was writing in LochJournal because its systray icon had disappeared, so I couldn't get back into it. When trying to shut down, it helpfully told me that I had unsaved drafts, are you sure you want to quit and lose them? ::headdesk::
Tried running the program again (this brings the already running instance to the front in a lot of programs), but it just spawned a second instance. >_<

SeMagic automatically saves entries in progress, I have used the load draft function to recover stuff thought lost before.

They both have neat stuff the other lack.. meh. As much as I use LJ, I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks for a better client.
All that time wasted.. I was just about to head out the door when this crap started. I had plans, but now it's so late I'll have to hurry just to reach stores before  they close.

51 days and 18 hours of uptime down the drain. I am not happy.
New record for Lorelai under WinXP, still short of the 60 days uptime I had under Windows 2000.

Also discovered today that I can't submit support tickets to my host using Firefox. Their control center uses some IE-only code, including colored side scrollbar. Now that I know, I guess I can deal with it.. After all, I only need to go in there when I want to pay the bill, or if I need to submit a support ticket.

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