Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Why do I keep pushing myself like this?


Back from shopping trip and a trip to the flea market.

Anyhow.. Took the metro downtown, first stop pharmacy because there was one on the corner right before I got to Black Cat. Got my shower oil and Zyrtec (allergy meds).
Then Black Cat. Got two more cannisters, and Genmaicha.. They were out of Moon Palace.
Third, Clas Ohlson for more rechargeable batteries. I think this is the first time I've been in that store and bought only what I had planned to. Seriously, they have so much neat stuff, adapters, canned air, whatever the geek desires.
I also stopped by Datakjeden and got a spindle of 25 DVD+Rs. I went to Oslo City, remembering they had a pet store there, but it was closed as they were expanding the mall.. crud. Couldn't think of any pet stores in the area, so I wandered around aimlessly until I found one. Got the toy mouse I had promised Odessa, and inquired about where I might get sisal rope. Got directions, but by the time I got there, the store was closed. Anyway, I'm one step closer. Was in quite a lot of pain at this point, something not even one of those incredibly unhealthy chocolate muffins could assuage. But seriously, what else could I do but walk on while quietly whining to myself in three different languages?
Stopped by Outland and got Bleach volume 6. I had deserved it.
Went home, dumped my loot, and headed over to the flea market at Heming.

Came home with a 17" CRT.. 50 kroner (~8 USD) ^_^
I got to test it while there, no flaws detected.. this thing is probably better than my current monitor, but I'm thinking of using both rather than replacing the old.
Might go back and get another, or a 15".. but right now my body feels dead. I had forgotten just how exhausting it is to lug around a 17" monster for an extended time. It's been four years since I did that the last time.
I'm glad it was overcast and raining a tiny bit.. if I had been exposed to direct sunlight while doing that, I'd be lying in bed in a pseudo-coma by now.

The computers that could've been scavenged for usable parts had already disappeared by the time I got there. Saw a 386 and a 486, and an Amiga 500 that seemed to be missing the power supply.
An old lexmark laser printer, not too huge.. No one had expressed particular interest in it yet, I was told, so I might be able to get it.
No doubt it was there because it's out of toner, I wonder how hard/expensive it'd be to replace..  I should've taken note of the model number. D'oh.

LOTS of inkjet printers. None of them appealed to me. Traumatic flashbacks to the time I worked at Bygdøy Skole. Their large network printers were great, but the inkjets.. There wasn't a single one of them that didn't have a problem at one point or another.

I completely forgot to check out the other sections.. books, clothes, whatever. Saw nothing of interest among the furniture (chair or a small table would be all I'd have use for), and pretty much all the bicycles were for children.
I still have 200 kroner on me in cash.. Too exhausted to go back there today, but they'll be open tomorrow and Sunday as well. Maybe all the 17" monitors will be gone by then, but I'm sure I can still score a 15" tomorrow.

Want LCD monitors. These damn CRTs take up a lot of desk space.

Time to try out the Genmaicha. ^_^

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